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50 Places In America I Plan To Visit

Currently, I've only gone to four states and only really explored one of them. With the need for exploring, you can imagine how eager I am to explore different states, countries, and continents.

However, I have decided that the best place to start would be my backyard, with many places to see. Sure there are so many beautiful wonders worldwide, but America has so many places to see that are just breathtaking. Some day I'll visit all of them and tell you all about it.

Until then, enjoy the 50 places I plan on seeing in America.

  • Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama, is home to the Alabama Theater built-in 1927. I'm a sucker for beautiful architecture. I mean, have you seen the inside of the Alabama Theater?

And also their food looks fantastic.

  • Alaska

What's in Girdwood, Alaska, you may ask? Home of many wildlife preserves.

I just love animals. However, I think I'll stay at a distance though.

  • Arizona

Obviously, I'm going with The Grand Canyon on this one. I believe there have only been about 2 dozen people that have completely walked it, and it's something I wouldn't mind attempting. Not in one day of course, however.

  • Arkansas

The Blanchard Springs Cavern. Can we please, take a moment to appreciate this stunning natural beauty.

  • California

Studio city is a place I have been wanting to visit for 3 years now. Not for any specific place, but only because of the environment. Its rich culture is something I admire very much.

  • Colorado

I have heard nothing but good things about the Mile High Culture Pass in Colorado. It's by far the coolest museum I have seen by far. Not to mention the beautiful garden.

  • Connecticut

Madison is the town of slow vibes, if that makes sense. With ice cream shacks everywhere and quiet beaches, this is probably going between two busy cities on my lists.

  • Delaware

Again, let us take a moment to appreciate this library that came straight out of a book itself.

Possibly the best museum and library in America (IMO) because of the quaintness of it all.

  • Florida

Ah, my true love! Of course, I want to visit the happiest place on earth, Disney World! However, if I had to choose another then Naples is a close second.

  • Georgia

There are so many beautiful, wonderful places I discovered when I researched Georgia. It was so hard to choose, but I did. And I think Helen has earned its place on this list.

  • Hawaii

If states were a college, I feel like Hawaii would be a party college. I mean, the whole state is one big vacation, well except for the volcano. So Maui is my pick.

  • Idaho

Home of the potato. It may sound weird but my pick for this one is the Old Idaho State Penitentiary. I did get to pick Alcatraz, so this is the next best thing. I like me some historical sites.

  • Illinois

Readily available hot air balloon rides. Need I say more?

  • Indiana

Orson, Indiana ofc. Just kidding, unless...

  • Iowa

Okoboji. Partially because I want to learn how to waterski, and the other part is because I love pronouncing the name. Oh, and they have outdoor movie screenings.

  • Kansas

I'm going to visit the national park of Monument Rocks. They are 80 million years old. 80 million years old. I wonder if I could try to dig up dinosaur fossils?

  • Kentucky

I think we all know I'm going to go out of my way to KFC on this trip. And I will be eating that KFC in Louisville because just look at it.

  • Louisiana

Who goes to Louisiana and doesn't go to New Orleans? The culture and food combined are enough to get me to stay.

  • Maine

No doubt I'm going to visit Cabot Cove because that's where Murder, She wrote, was set. And fun fact, Stephen King was born here. Maine not Cabot Cove.

  • Maryland

St. Michaels because the house from wedding crashers is there and I want to go and see it.

  • Massachusetts

Have you ever seen Cape cod?

There you go. It is so pretty; I think this will be my first place to visit.

  • Michigan

Top chefs love this place for a reason. I'm going to Transverse City, getting all farm ingredients and cooking for homeless people. Those are my exact plans.

  • Minnesota

Raise your hand if you know where I'm going and why.


Saint Olaf and Golden Girls, educate yourself.

  • Mississippi

Biloxi. Hopefully, they have cleaned up the beaches. If not then I can go there to help clean beaches.

  • Missouri

The Lake of Ozarks sounds like your last destination anywhere. I need this to be one of those "between busy cities" trips.

  • Montana

I'm going to shred ice, ice skiing in Big sky completely.

  • Nebraska

Omaha is the first thing that came to my mind, mainly why it's on this list. One of the highlights being the Old Market.

  • Nevada

I think it's obligatory to take the trip to Las Vegas.

  • New Hampshire

Portsmouth is the next stop on this trip because it's the third oldest city in the country. And with a city like that staying around there has to be something special for me to find.

  • New Jersey

Cape May is a quaint feeling city that is yet another in-between city that I need.

  • New Mexico

I find the name weird. That aside, Sante Fe is a place I'm going because of the art lover inside and outside of me.

  • New York

I want to be right in the middle of Madison Square Garden because of look at it.

  • North Carolina

Corolla. I hear they ride horses by the seashore, and I am not passing up the opportunity to do that.

  • North Dakota

I love the name, Dakota. Fargo gives up chill hippy vibes that are exactly what this trip needs. It has the entrepreneurial spirit that I can always use.

  • Ohio

The name alone makes me what to go there. Put-in-bay screams," come visit me," Victorian-era housing and a young population. Nice.

  • Oklahoma

Only going to Oklahoma City for the 21c Art Museum Hotel.

  • Oregon

I love a good up and coming city like Bend.

  • Pennsylvania

Jim Thorpe is a great cabin in the woods place that I'm looking for.

  • Rhode Island

Little Compton is a fisherman's paradise. And I want to get into fishing.

  • South Carolina

Beaufort is Beautiful. I wanted to make that pun. Puns aside a southern charm type of town.

  • South Dakota

Deadwood is a real-life cowboy wild wild west city. How could you possibly think I'm missing out on that.

  • Tennessee

Parten the pun that comes to mind. Nashville is a city that is known for music. I love music, all kinds, so naturally, I'm drawn to this.

  • Texas

Hill Country is my one-stop-shop to the field of beautiful rolling flowers that I will throw myself in.

  • Utah

Moab to go along with clear skies and beautiful rock formations, it also has local sweet spots like bakeries and national parks.

  • Vermont

Burlington is an outdoorsy community, and apparently, I haven't had enough of the outdoors yet. So here we are.

  • Virginia

Richmond is a town coming to make a revival. They have outdoor art and other festivals and activities that I don't want to miss out on.

  • Washington

The San Juan Islands are known for being a paradise. A paradise.

  • West Virginia

Rock climbing for the outdoors and coffee shops, art shops filled with pottery, and indoor artworks are just what I need. Thanks, Fayetteville

  • Wisconsin

Let me start this by saying that I love cheese. Bayfield is my initial trip; however, I'm hitting up the 21 apostles islands for the rock formations.

  • Wyoming

Last on this list but not the trip. Jackson hole is way cooler than it sounds. I'm in it for the rough outdoors and the 5-star luxury hotels they have.

Welp, that's my ultimate America Road trip. Stay tuned for in-depth guides for the different places that I mentioned. I have a goal to complete this list before I'm 40, and I just know I can get it done.

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